Hog Tunes AUDIO Wild Boar, 300 Watt Amp x 2 Speaker Lower Fairing Kit. Fits 2014up Touring with Fairing Lowers.


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* 2014-2023 FLHTK Limited Ultra Classic See Note 1

* 2014-2023 FLHTCUG Tri Glide Ultra See Note 1

Note 1: Requires removal of factory CB Radio if equipped

Features & Benefits:-

* The perfect addition to add speakers to lowers on liquid cooled bikes

* Easily added to existing Wild Boar Audio Ultra kits to create a 900 watt 6 speaker system

* Can be used as an addition to a stock system to add lower speakers only

* 300 Watt 2 channel ClassD amp bolts inside fairing using supplied plate

* WBC1654 Rear speakers with Lower fairing Speaker Adaptors

* Lower adaptor ‘frontsin. are gloss black to match inner fairing

* Adaptors give easy access to coolant tank in brake side lower

* Amp features R.E.M.I.T. for excellent FM reception from a Class D amp

* No corporate logos on speaker grills

* 100% Plug & Play

* Complete with all required installation hardware

Included In Box:-

* 1 Pairof WBC 1654 Rear Speakers with Grills

* 1 Pair WBA LC LWR ADA Lower Adaptors

* 1 WBA 300.2 Amplifier

* 1 FLH Side Plate-RM Mounting Plate For Amplifier

* 1 Complete Plug and Play Wire Harness

* All Required Hardware To Complete The Installation

* 1 Installation Manual

Tech Tips:-

Requires a in.Techno Researchin. or OE dealer radio software in.re-flashin.

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