Belt Drives Ltd 3in. Open Primary Belt Drive Kit with Support. Fits Dyna 1991-2005.


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Fitment Notes:- Offest Pulley Insert / Alternator engine shim may be required to finalise the belt & Pulley alignment

* BDL have eliminated the Front Pulley and Engine Shaft Support and Front Bearing of the Outbourd Support.

The reason for this change was due to the many aftermarket components that come together on a special construction motorcycle, they found that a lot of these components do not allow proper alignment of the entire motorcycle.

When using an outboard support that was intended to keep the Front Engine and Rear Transmission Shafts from moving excessively, improper alignment will cause unusual wear and premature failure of the sealed bearings. By supporting only the Rear Shaft, which is all that is really needed, we have eliminated any potential problems that mis-alignment may cause.

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