Feuling 465 Reaper Chain Drive Camshaft Kit with Lifters. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.


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The 465 Reaper is an accelerator, producing solid bottom end performance with substantial gains above 2,800 RPM when compared to stock. This direct bolt in replacement for M8 engines can be used with stock valve springs, pushrods, lifters and exhaust. Will respond well with slip-on mufflers and or performance exhaust system and air cleaner. Use of performance valve-springs is not required but may result in a quieter, smoother running valve-train. This cam will also respond well with increased bore and or compression.

Kit Includes:

* 465 Cam

* HP+ Lifters

* Cam install kit with cam bearing, ARP cam/crank hardware & gaskets

Tech Tips:

Feuling fastener kit #FE-3047 is also highly recommend to help prevent cylinder head cracking, this kit replaces the rocker shaft bolts with studs and nuts to help reduce the stress on the rocker shaft standoffs.

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