Dakota Digital Transmission Speed Sensor. Fits DAK-HLY-60## Series Speedometers.


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Fitment Details:-

* Fits DAK-HLY-6000 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCV-7### Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCL-5### Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-2002 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCL-2002 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-3011, DAK-HLY-3015 & DAK-HLY-3016 Speedometers.

Feature & Benefits:-

* Rugged & Dependable.

* Extension for 1996 to 2003 H-D speed senders to Dakota Digital gauges.

* Each adaptor is for a specific series of gauges for easy inline conversions without cutting or splicing wires.

Proudly Made in the USA by Dakota Digital !

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