Performance Machine Rear Axle Adjuster Kit - Gold. Fits Touring 2009up.

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Dial in the rear wheel alignment and belt/chain tension on your H-D Touring model with the Performance Machine Axle Adjuster Kit. Proper rear wheel alignment is a crucial detail overlooked by the factory OE cam style adjuster. The PM axle adjuster allows fine tuning via lasered hatch marks and threaded screw style adjustment sliders. Proper belt/chain tension and wheel alignment help extend the longevity of the belt/chain and tire as well as improve handling. Each kit Includes the Rear Axle, Axle Adjuster Mounts, Axle Adjustment Sliders, Machined Axle Nut, Safety E-Clips, upper and lower shock mounting bolts, and upper shock mounting spacers.

Features & Benefits:-

* 304 stainless steel 25mm axle

* Billet axle adjuster mount and adjustment slider

* Removable rear stand spools (for use with short 2 into 1 exhaust only)

* Available in Gold Ano finish

* Shock mounting hardware included

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