Belt Drives Ltd 152 Tooth x 1in. Wide Final Drive Belt. Fits International Model V-Rod 2007-2017 & Indian Touring Models 2014-2019


Only 2 left in stock


* For models running 72T rear by 30T front pulleys


* Replaces OEM HD # 40145-07

* Replaces OEM Indian # 3211168

* Fits Indian ’14-23 Chief Classic/Dark Horse/Vintage,

* Fits Indian ’14-23 Chieftain/Classic/Dark Horse/Elite/Limited

* Fits Indian ’15-23 Roadmaster/Classic

* Fits Indian ’15-23 Springfield/Dark Horse

Features & Benefits:-

* The PCC belt is manufactured by Gates Rubber. Gates is one of the OEM’s to HD with this type of belt.

* The belt is made with polyurethane with carbon cord this belt is a standard workhorse.

Tech Tips:-

* Count the Teeth on your Belt before Ordering!

* Avoid Improper Handling – Twisting, Pinching, Kinking or Prying.

* Avoid Improper Belt Alignment, toe in or toe out, chamber tilt left or tilt right, vehicle alignment early model FXR’s, FXD’s, FLT’s.

* Avoid Improper belt tension: too tight, too loose.

* Avoid Worn out pulleys not replaced at time of belt replacement.

* Avoid Oil leaks that cause oil to penetrate belt, chemical reaction to Belts.

* Avoid Shocks that cause improper belt tension due to raising or lowering.

* Avoid Broken Shocks or Shock Studs.

* Avoid Failure to properly readjust new belt as it seats into pulleys at 800 and 1600 klms, and at regular services.

* Avoid Road debris, rocks, metal, glass, tire tread or re-tread pieces, etc.

* Avoid Failure to properly readjust belt on bikes overloaded for long trips.

* Avoid Chemicals used to clean motorcycle – chemical reaction to Belts.

* Avoid Racing, burnouts, wheel stands, all affect tension & alignment.

* Avoid Worn or broken pulley isolator rubber/s.

* Avoid Reverse Over Bending of Belt.

* Avoid Belt that Rubs or has Contact with the Belt Passage Way.

Proudly Made in the USA by Gates Rubber !

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