Feuling 521 Reaper Chain Drive Camshaft. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.


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Aggressive pulling power with a nasty sound, the REAPER 521 grind will shine in Stage 3 or 4 applications with 117 and larger cubic inch engines with added compression ratio. Ported cylinder heads are not required but will complement the cam and add even more pulling power throughout the range. The stock throttle body produces an excellent powerband and use of a high flow throttle body will increase peak power numbers. A high flow exhaust system and air cleaner is highly recommended for optimalperformance.

* FEULING also recommends matching this cam with our RACE SERIES oiling system #FE-7097 or FE-7099.

* High lift High Load valve springs are required, Part # SS900-0958

* Heavy duty pushrods are highly recommended.

* RPM range 2,250 – 6,250. Grind: 521

* Valve Lift Open Close Duration @ 50 lift @ TDC Lobe Centerline

* Intake .518 17 BTDC 34 ABDC 231 .162 98.5

* Exhaust .521 51.5 BBDC 11.5 ATDC 243 .125 110

* Overlap: 28.5

* Good cam for a SE Stage 4 Kit.

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