Feuling OE+ Camplate. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.


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Features & Benefits:-

* For use ONLY with factory oil pumps – Perfect OEM Replacement upgrade

* OE+ stock replacement billet camplates are manufactured from 6061 aluminum providing increased rigidity and machined to FEULINGs® high tolerance standards.

* OE+ camplates are a direct bolt in replacement and will accept either the factory or Feuling OE+ oil pumps.

* As with all FEULING® components, the competitively priced OE+ camplates are designed and manufactured to the highest standard of quality with proven FEULING® performance.

* Billet 6061 aluminum with blue printed and matched oil passages to the engine case passages, kidney shapes are designed to maximize flow. This OE+ camplate optimizes oil flow to and from the oil pump and in and out of the engine using the factory or FEULING OE+ oil pump to aid in reducing oil and engine temps.

* Tighter cam journal bore tolerance for improved cam fitment

* Added Cam journal oil groove for cold start up protection and increased cam journal lubrication

* Added oil pressure feed holes to front and back of cam journal to prevent excessive thrusting wear

* Upgrade on OEM # 25400133


Tech Tips:-

* For Use With OEM Oil Pump Only.

* If using gear drive cams in.Block-off Platein. part # FE-8016 is required

* It is recommended to pressure test, seat and seal the oil pressure relief valve in the oil pump for optimal oil pressure and oiling system operation- See Feuling #FE-9006

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