Andrews Products A2 Grind Camshaft. Fits Big Twin 1978-1984.


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* More mid-range and hi end power. Idle un-affected. Head setup required 1980 & 1981 engines: The height of original stock H/D valve guides restricts spring travel (and cam lift) to .430 or less!

* If you are installing cams in a shovel engine, the Andrews valve spring collars and related parts will make things go a lot smoother. The Andrews springs and collars are designed for easy installation and maximum reliability.

– Upper Spring Collars AP-271100 (high lift) or AP-276150 (Medium lift) , Lower Spring Collar AP-273120 and High Lift Springs AP-272110 are all available if required.

* Andrews Products pushrods are available for all Shovel engines using OEM or similar hydrualic lifters.

– Chrome Moly Push Rods AP-240030

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